Transform data into powerful analytics

Adding location element to your business intelligence software helps to see and understand your data. Digital mapping helps to organize and display your data for review and decision-making. Geo marketing takes a deep look at the nuances of a specific geographical area and helps provides a deeper understanding of the region to strengthen campaigns and optimize marketing activities.

Connect & transform data into powerful interactive dashboard for fast and easy analysis to make faster and better decisions customized to optimize your business growth

Geo Business Analytics & Predictive Analytics with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Powered with Amalgamation of Geographic Data, Big Data, Business Data & processed with some of the integral technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and automation, the large data sets are analyzed to discover meaningful patterns, trends, and associations that facilitate business decisions.

Micro Market Analysis

Catchment Analysis

Potential Analysis

Coverage, Potential Gaps

Site Selection

Affluence Distribution

Geo Spatial Analytics & Dashboard

Beyond a point on the map

Make informed location-related decisions with visualization context

Maps provide visual context that help customers make correct, informed decisions involving location like site selection, resource allocation, location information etc.

  • Analyze geospatial relationships
  • Choose from a suite of Geo Analytic operations
  • Blend internal and external sources in calculations

Improve understanding of spatial relationships

Data in relation to the map overlay gives a known environment to manage business processes with embedded maps & reduce ambiguity

  • Get visual patterns to better understand the data collected
  • Seamlessly drill down into multiple map layers with different levels of granularity
  • Manage plethora of information of dense maps that contain thousands of data points

Increase productivity with Spatial Business Intelligence

Increase the value of business data and streamline business with enriched analytics through spatial and visual data processing

  • Faster processing of complex data and analysis
  • Increased understanding of what, where and how to optimize resources
  • Gain geographical insights about data points
  • Optimize planning & improve maintenance
Case study

MapmyIndia provides a web based analytical tool targeted to assist organizations in expansion and map based analysis in a larger sense. This solution has been implemented for some of the major enterprises in India and has helped them for in market planning and expansion. It provides a single window dashboard for demographics, sales data, business asset spread, and competitor network breakdown.

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