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RealView is India’s first and only Street
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What is RealView?

RealView is a way for you to view the world, right from the comfort of where you are. Now, get a full panoramic view of your assets and even geo-tag, measure and analyse them with photo-realistic quality.

Visualise streets, roads, motorways, railway tracks, as well as residential and commercial zones from the comfort of your own desk. The RealView camera collects and saves highly accurate data which can then be processed using our companion software. The platform syncs the high resolution panoramic camera with a GNSS receiver and a high sensitivity accelerometer to store the real world in a digital format.

RealView Camera

Own our powerful hardware and control your data collection.

RealView Service

Let us do the collection and the processing to your specifications.

How does RealView help you?

Power your business with RealView to increase operational efficiency. Avoid in-person surveys, countless man-hours on the field, and wasted time. Sit from the comfort of your desk and see all your assets, across locations, in one go. Monitor and geo-tag your assets and control your own data collection with the RealView camera hardware. Stay connected to your business on the ground at all times.

Also, elevate your decision making processes. Use RealView to geo-tag and measure any assets of interest to you. See exact location coordinates, determine lengths and calculate areas with ground-breaking accuracy, for anything in your RealView!

How can you use RealView?

Power your business with photo-realistic clarity. Our cameras capture high precision data
that can be processed for various real world applications for any industry vertical.


Infrastructure Planning and Monitoring

Mobile mapping is becoming more and more important for street planning.
Can be used for mobile documentation of streets, roads, motorways, interstates, highways, railways, train tracks and waterways.



Captured data can be processed to capture over-the-surface assets.
Data helps to develop corridor maps for electrical, gas and water supply lines.
Choosing optimal corridors (i.e. for streets, pipelines, etc.).


Road Maintenance

With high resolution photographs the quality of the roads can be assessed to plan maintenance schedules.
High sensitivity GPS with 3D accelerometer data can be processed to identify presence of potholes on the roads.



Data for height, length and width can be captured on GIS data for telecom industries to plan line-of-sight.


Smart City Planning

Captured data can be built into a model for smart city planning in applications for disaster management, city surveillance, mobility Planning.


Marketing Analysis

Campaign planning, execution and analysis.
Competition analysis.
Market analysis.

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