A smarter, complete portable Navitainment System

The stylish and sleek 12.7cm portable navigation device is now smarter. It knows when your car is switched on, is moving and is off! Get everything you want right into your palm. Wherever you want to go, chances are, we've got your destination covered.
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The last word in car entertainment!
The Lx356 adds new capabilities to your existing car audio system. Load videos and music on an SD card (up to 16GB supported) and view on Lx356 large 12.7cm LCD screen. Enjoy turn-by-turn navigation with India's best maps.

Touch and Go Touch and Go
The Lx356 comes with a large crisp 12.7cm LCD touchscreen. Want to mark a point on the road? Just touch the screen and mark your point. Drag the map display to see other interesting points. Touch any of them, choose them as a destination or a via point and get automatically directed to the new destination..


Use a reverse camera - never look back. Use a reverse camera - never look back.
MapmyIndia Lx356 also has a standard AV IN function, making it an ideal screen for a reverse camera. Just hook up your reverse camera and Lx356 will automatically switch from the current function to reverse camera view within 3 seconds** of engaging the reverse gear. When you release the reverse gear Lx356 shifts back to the previous display.

Hand carry navitainment Hand carry navitainment.
The MapmyIndia Lx356 GPS device also doubles up as a navigation + entertainment that you can carry around. An extra large battery that supports video playback , a standard headphone jack connectivity, crisp 12.7cm LCD screen and up to 16GB SD card supported, the Lx356 is the only entertainment device you need to pack for your travel. It also comes with a special pedestrian navigation mode that allows you to explore/navigate any area in 7,209 cities on foot.

Ultimate connectivity: Use your car speakers to listen to calls Multimedia bonanza:
Lx356 comes with 12.7cm LCD touch screen and 4GB inbuilt memory which allows seamless playback of videos and music. Lx356 is undoubtedly a must buy for any well informed traveler. Apart from Navigation it can also be used as music/video player. Load your favorite music, videos and pics on its external microSD card (supports up to 16GB) and experience a complete navitainment experience. It can also double up as a photo frame.

Ultimate connectivity: Use your car speakers to listen to calls Device turns ON/OFF with the car!
Lx356 now knows when your car is turned on or off. It will automatically switch on when you turn your ignition on and turn off as you turn car ignition off. Don’t worry - even if you forget to switch it off, the device will turn off after a specified time period. Save time and battery power with Lx356!

Ultimate connectivity: Use your car speakers to listen to calls Auto run Navigation
Once the car is turned on, the navigation on your device will also start automatically. Lx356 will start navigating to the previous destination in case you had paused along the route, and you can easily change it if you have a new destination!

Ever your guide
The MapmyIndia Lx356 GPS device comes powered with the industry's leading MStar MSB2531 high performance chipset. It connects quickly and stays connected, making sure you are guided all along your way.



* Phonebook sync depends on Bluetooth implementation in phone. It may not work for all phones.
** Reverse camera function and time specified to display depend on the installation and features supported in the reverse camera..

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