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The real-time GPS tracker gives immediate location awareness of your vehicles current position.
The tracking gadgets are simple to use, and install. You can get a variety of gadgets
to choose from the range of Deep Installed to Plug & Play.

Real time tracking

Sophisticated Range of Real-time GPS Tracking MOVE Gadgets

Move app

Accurate & Reliable All India Maps & Data on Companion MOVE App

Online presence

All India online presence


Service & Installation Support Dedicated 24x7 Call Centre


Installed with unique features and benefits of both tracking-cum-navigation on detailed & comprehensive MOVE App. A super Map App MOVE allows a user-friendly interface giving access to maps for Search, Directions, Navigation, Live Tracking, Traffic, Safety and many more.

Tracking & Navigation

  • Navigate with Live Traffic & ETA
  • Historic Trip Replay
  • Daily Distance Travelled
  • Search Places Along the Route
  • Immobilisation
  • Rash Driving Report
  • Share Live Location
  • Navigate & Live Traffic

Safety Alerts

  • Overspeeding Alerts
  • Ignition on/off Alerts
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Device Unplugged Alerts

Deep Installed (GPS tracking with safety features of Panic button/driving behaviour)

Deep Installed tracking is easy to install in any vehicle in a concealed way, The GPS Tracking gadgets help with real-time location & safety alerts & alarms. Advance features allow insights to Vehicle Health & Driving behaviour like HA, HB & HC & Immobilization of the vehicle.

Lx 12
Vx 11 ₹4,990

Plug and Play (OBD tracking with flexibility & visibility of real time vehicle status)

Easy to install and no wire cutting. Plug & Play gadgets with live GPS tracking for making your Vehicle Smarter. The features include real time GPS tracking and safety alerts in the OBD tracker. The USB Charger also has feature of SOS panic button.

Lx 22
Zx 21

Bike Tracker (The real-time GPS bike tracker used for all two wheelers)

Waterproof & low power consumption device specially designed for Two Wheelers. From tracking the live location of your bike to Geo fencing and speeding alerts, it keeps your loved ones and bike secure. In cases of theft, get the instant location of your vehicle.

Lx 31 ₹4,700
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