Unleash the power of
Location + AI

Explore fast, simple and intuitive ways to solve complex
business needs through AI-enabled location intelligence.

Generate insights from your images through
AI-driven deep learning technology

Street Image

Realise the potential of fast data through detection, classification and segmentaton of objects from camera images into predefined categories.

Satellite Image

Create geospatial data and actionable insights from satellite images using pre-trained satellite image AI models and techniques.

How it works

Deep Learning Computer Vision algorithms are trained on locally developed labels, datasets to solve
for industry-specific use cases. MapmyIndia AI solution is connected to scalable backend APIs.


Identify the presence of an object in an image


Identify and locate objects in an image within a bounding box


Identify and classify objects at pixel level

Use cases

AI-enabled solutions for complex business applications

  • Road Border Detection

  • Road Lane Detection

  • Signboard Detection

  • Traffic Sign Classification

  • Building Facades

  • Landuse Classification

  • Landuse Segmentation

  • Building Height Estimation

  • Building Segmentation

  • Face Detection

  • License Plate Detection

  • Vehicle Detection

data annotation services

Data Annotation Services

Enable fast deployment and maintenance of your ML/AI projects at scale

AI models require large amounts of training data to generate human-like observations. Creating this training data is resource-heavy and intensive, and takes several hours of human-powered data annotation processes.

MapmyIndia enables faster and highly accurate annotation services using a balanced combination of human + smart tools for creating annotation datasets of various types - 2D and 3D bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, landmarks and semantic segmentation for images.

Powered by MapmyIndia ML/AI Engine


Designed with scalable architecture to serve millions of users' needs with zero downtime


Trained on local geographical images to capture local features, nuances


Built on micro-services architecture enabling flexible, robust, modular implementations

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