Building Metaverse maps for Simulation
and AR/VR applications

MapmyIndia’s cutting-edge metaverse mapping platform translates all the minute details reflected in the real-world and presents a photo-realistic 4D map, enabling multiple augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

Our 4D Map Capabilities

Create an interactive, collaborative and immersive experience with MapmyIndia’s Metaverse 4D maps

Extremely realistic

Generate real-world scenarios for gaming, autonomous simulation and other VR applications.

Cost and time efficient

Save time and money by leveraging our scale & expertise to build many real-world scenarios.

Multiple sensor data

Use complex or simple inputs (lidar or imagery) to generate metaverse maps.

What we do

Generating high-resolution road surface, lane level geometries, junctions and intersections, traffic signs, obstacles and other relevant objects at a high precision needed for realistic AV simulations.

Developing the most realistic looking environment used to build real-world simulation games.

Creating virtual testing environments embedded with real-world driving scenarios to enable the verification of test tracks.

Our workflow for immersive metaverse maps

Map alignment and ingesting data

We use any kind of data available in the form of lidar, visuals such as images, panoramas, and street views alongside AI techniques to build map components.

Our toolchain

We use the best in class tools for 4D Map creation, GIS tools, road network creation, simulation, and scenario development. We also have a large trained engineering workforce on these tools and data transformations.

Map Attributes

Our rich map attributes include real-world models of LOD (level of detail) 1 to 5, on-road and off-road items, props and signages. For the complexity of our 3D models, we use meshes, textures and material generation.

Map formats

We offer maps in all available industry formats for ingestion.

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