Moving towards the new age 3D HD Maps

Highly accurate and updated maps for connected cars through sensors, a host of IoT devices and latest technologies

Advance Driver Assistance Maps is becoming increasingly significant with the advent of autonomous cars since self-driving automobiles rely on the synchronized interaction of radar, GPS, Lidar, sensors and technologies to cruise and ensure safe travel. ADAS is essentially the technology to assist drivers for a safe, efficient and convenient drive.

Advance Driving Attributes with Navigation Maps & Predictive Sensors

Building rich 3D maps using HD maps & Lidars the ADAS Maps & Data attributes provide recognition and situation awareness to in-vehicle systems & drivers.

Driving Assistance

Driving Assistance

  • ADAS road geometry
    -Slope & curvature
    -Road width
    -Blind turns
    -Zebra crossing
  • Lane identification
Driving Assistance

Drivier Behaviour

  • Monitors
    -Harsh driving
    -Harsh acceleration
    -Harsh braking
    -Over speeding
    -Excessive idling
Driving Assistance

Driver Fatigue

  • Gives snooze detection
  • Phone usage
  • Continuous driving pattern
  • Night driving pattern
Driving Assistance

Collision Detection

  • Real time collision detection using MapmyIndia Map App

High Precision Maps for Mobility Control

The High Definition maps would be self-evolving, assimilating in real-time any changes occurring on roads, traffic, environment, lane geometry, with accuracy down to a few centimetres. These features are built using detailed models of the surrounding environment, AI analytics, external and in-vehicle sensors, to enable effortless navigation to precise destinations.

Next Generation of ADAS Maps – 3D High Definition Maps

Taking the lead for ADAS maps, MapmyIndia is building road trajectory that will empower autonomous cars. The gears in engine would change automatically because the cars will have road information of its route. MapmyIndia is in the process of creating laser maps and is continuously building these maps to create point cloud data. These are advanced video maps to be adopted by automotive OEs that will improve development, safety and security of the country and the citizens.

The output is essentially the big data coming from Lidar, point cloud, ADAS maps, predictive analysis, navigation, combined with innovative technologies, Artificial intelligence and machine learning to build disruptive solutions encompassing self-driving cars of the future

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