High Definition(HD) Maps

Detailed, extensive and precise maps to fuel
autonomous driving and autonomous systems.

Our HD Map Capabilities

Location data has propelled the technological advancements in Autonomous Driving - and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, the control has been gradually moving from humans to machines. Autonomous driving systems leverage multiple sensors working in cohesion to build surrounding context, vision and intuitiveness for decision making by a vehicle.

Detailed, precise and accurate high definition maps aids in the creation of a human-like context to what the car sensors are seeing. HD maps create a 3D view of their environment that are accurate at a centimetre level.

HD Map Characteristics

  • Precision at a centimetre level
  • AI-assisted processing pipeline
  • Industry-standard HD map formats
  • Support for autonomous vehicle scenarios
  • Updated data with a high level of detail

HD Map Applications in Autonomous Driving

Extend vehicle sensor
field of view

HD maps capture lane geometries, borders, traffic signs, localisation objects, and road furniture - enabling an extended, global and more human-like context to an automated vehicle.

Refine localisation of vehicle
to precise location

HD maps enable self-driving vehicles to determine their position through the localisation process precisely by eliminating the noise and merging data from different sensors.

Improve sensor

Vision sensors can’t detect objects beyond a certain range. HD maps become greatly useful in such circumstances with detailed information about the surrounding environment.

Safer path planning

HD maps help vehicles find driving path options using intricate lane-level map geometries, connections, and junctions. Additional information on traffic signs helps in defining response scenarios.

What We Offer

HD Maps

Specifically designed for self-driving cars, we offer comprehensive, accurate and updated HD maps. The maps are available in industry-standard format but we also offer custom format transformations. Ready-to-use HD maps are available and we can also create HD maps for customer-specific regions of interest.

Data Acquisition and Processing

We offer a complete solution of HD map data acquisition and processing using our state-of-the-art mapping survey technology. Our survey system is engineered with multiple sensors like lidar, cameras, GPS, OBD port and processing units. The construction, architecture and cost of the system are designed to accommodate multiple sensor specifications. A portable system designed for multiple car make and model with easy configuration is suited for use globally.

Testing and Simulation

An autonomous driving system is simulated through a myriad of testing scenarios to ensure the system’s safety, security and workability. A lot of these tests are executed in simulation environments. Running testing scenarios on HD maps makes the simulation process reliable. Our HD maps are already compatible with the CARLA simulation software and we are continuously experimenting with various other open-source simulation softwares.

Data Conversion

While we already support industry-standard HD map formats, core data is maintained in a proprietary format. It makes it easy for us to convert core maps into customer-specific formats.

Core Competencies

Highly detailed

MapmyIndia HD maps are highly detailed, with lane level geometries, junctions and intersections, traffic signs, obstacles and other relevant objects at a centimetre grade precision needed for HD map applications.

Nuanced map attributes

Our highly nuanced HD map attributes provide reliable information about car surroundings with precise object location and attributes such as traffic light heights, signboard direction, road width etc.

Improving safety

MapmyIndia, with experience in road safety technology and applications, are masters in keeping HD map build computational costs under control and creating it as a reliable sensor for enhancing safe driving conditions for any autonomous system.

Cost-effective, reliable data

With our commitment towards enabling the market with cost-effective and quality-centric HD maps, we have extensively invested in the AI-assisted HD mapping process to build highly scalable, flexible and reliable data products across different geographies.

MapmyIndia HD Map - Foundational Principles

MapmyIndia HD maps are based on a set of guiding principles that provide an
overarching context to the entire pipeline beginning with planning to deliver.



Cost Effectiveness


Human Augumented

AI Assisted

Adherence to Standards


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