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Alexa natively integrates MapmyIndia Location APIs to answer nearby location queries in real-time

Voice is increasingly playing a critical role in elevating the customer experience.

It’s true!

In India, customers interact with Alexa millions of times every day.

A significant number of these interactions are questions related to nearby locations and places of interest.

Here, the Alexa voice assistant taps into MapmyIndia’s real-time data through a native API integration.

  • Alexa…
  • Where can I get a COVID-19 test?
  • Where’s the nearest petrol pump/ supermarket/ mall?
  • Find me a nearby pharmacy.
  • How far is the nearest hospital?

Alexa answers location-related queries like these and many more, in real-time, with the help of MapmyIndia’s Location APIs and readily available data.

Here’s how it works

MapmyIndia Location APIs help Alexa answer nearby location queries

The integration allows Alexa and Alexa-enabled device users to search for addresses of nearby businesses, landmarks, places of interest, COVID-19 testing and vaccine centres - along with the travel distance.

Powering Alexa and Alexa-enabled Devices

Responses from Alexa that access MapmyIndia’s APIs are available on all Alexa-enabled devices: Echo Dot smart speaker, Echo Auto, Fire TV, the free Alexa app for smartphones, the microphone icon on the Amazon India shopping app (Android only) and Alexa-enabled devices such as smart speakers or TVs made by other brands.

MapmyIndia Location SDKs & APIs allow users to access numerous
landmarks and business categories

MapmyIndia’s real-time map updates, comprehensive hyperlocal data and powerful Location APIs are helping Alexa provide its users a 360° coverage of all the places around them - turning the abstract ‘Explore the world around you’ into a reality.

The Alexa service is always getting smarter and more useful for customers, and we are happy to announce that, with the addition of MapmyIndia content, Alexa is now even more knowledgeable about nearby places.

Dilip R.S.
Country Manager for Alexa Skills and
Voice Services, Amazon India

To see how MapmyIndia's real-time data, APIs and SDKs can help your web or mobile apps deliver richer location-based user experiences, click here.

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