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The Foundation Of A World-Class Guidance Experience

Flexible and scalable development kit for connected embedded navigation solutions

MapmyIndia, being the industry leader in providing automotive grade navigation to several top vehicle manufacturers of India, proudly presents a unique navigation solution to any mobile app developer:
An Embeddable & Connected Navigation SDK for Android & iOS.

MapmyIndia Navigation SDK enables developers to easily integrate features such as place discovery, textual driving instructions, voice guided turn by turn directions and automated re-routing on deviations while avoiding the hassle of switching between apps . This integrated navigation experience lets developers better control the user experience of their apps' possibility of obtaining valuable usage analytics of said features, all the while providing their consumers with exceptional navigation which has become the hallmark of MapmyIndia.

Integrate MapmyIndia Navigation SDK to get the fastest go-to-market release cycles for navigation solutions.

We believe in putting you on the fastest route to success with our state-of-the-art Navigation SDK.

MapmyIndia Navigation SDK

Beautiful Maps, Live Traffic & Voice Guidance

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay support

MapmyIndia Navigation SDK provides useful building blocks of functionality to build on top of the CarPlay or Android Auto framework.

Now navigation apps can provide detailed maps, destination search, turn-by-turn guidance, and user notifications.


Turn-by-turn Voice Guidance with Auto Re-routing

Guide the user to their destination with audio and visual cues along the way. Experience accurate driving instructions to let you orient where you are and where you want to go next.

Live traffic and Accurate ETAs, using AI powered Traffic Services

The more drivers know – the safer, less stressful, more predictable the trip. We help carmakers and enterprises meet drivers’ expectations that traffic and travel information is always accurate and up to date.

Billions of probe points collected each day are fed into our processing pipeline to generate traffic.

Junction View & Lane Guidance

Stay safe and relaxed even on the most difficult highway intersections. Junction View provides you with a clear look ahead with a realistic 3D representation of the junction, with highlighted lanes and exits. Drive with MapmyIndia Navigation SDK and you will never miss the next exit.

Road Safety Warnings

MapmyIndia SDK enables you to provide a comprehensive & safe navigation experience to your users with an automated alerting mechanism built-in for notifications ranging from upcoming traffic cameras to potholes to any traffic hazards like accidents.

One for the road; MapmyIndia Navigation SDK notifies you about any unsafe events along your route, ensuring a safe journey to your destination.


Performant In All Situations - Hybrid

Pre-loading of maps and on-client rendering allows for operation even when cellular connectivity is not available, ensuring that the personal guidance experience does not end unexpectedly.

And much more...

EV Routing and Solving Range Anxiety

MapmyIndia Navigation SDK takes the guesswork out of electric vehicle (EV) routing, guiding drivers to their destinations safely and smoothly, with precise range calculations for that extra peace of mind along the way.


Discover Places along your Route

With POI Along the Route, the user will be able to get the details of POIs of a particular category along his set route. The main focus would be to provide convenience to the user and help him in locating the place of his interest on his set route.

Supports Multiple Modes of Travel

With support for multiple travel modes, such as passenger vehicles (driving) or two-wheelers (biking) or even heavy commercial vehicles (trucking), the SDK can serve to provide accurate & rich navigation experience to all.

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