Live Location

This API returns accurate live location and related data of vehicles, assets & people with help of connected devices/sensors/mobiles to provide location awareness to users of your app. The API provides real-time visibility of your tracked objects, giving not just location information, but multiple additional fields which add value to your application. The API is capable of being used for multiple use cases: be it for transport - logistics or for personnel information services for all kinds of web or mobile development platforms.


  • License_key: the REST API license key allocated to you. This is part of URL structure.
  • deviceId: If left blank or then all vehicles will be considered. Multiple comma separated entries can also be provided.
  • State: State parameter takes epoch timestamp into consideration and filter out the results. To consider time parameter or not, will depend on state value. If any specific timestamp is entered under state input, then API will only return the data of those devices for which live data is updated post the input timestamp.
    If state is 0, then API will show live data of all the devices.

  • entityId: If left blank or then all entities will be considered. Multiple comma separated entries can also be provided
  • latitude:
  • longitude:
  • gprsTime: GPRS time in termsof Epoch Time stamp
  • heading: Direction In degrees
  • mainPower: External supply voltage reported by the device in milivolts
  • address: Address from MapmyIndia Database
  • dtcCount: Count of the DTCs reported by the device
  • dtcDistance: Distance travelled by the device with Fault
  • greenDriveType: Driver behaviour scenario type
  • greenDriveValue: Value of the Driver behaviour event
  • altitude: Altitude Value in meters
  • coolantTemp: Coolant Temperature
  • engineRPM: RPM value reported by the device
  • gpsSignal:
  • internalBatteryVolt: Internal Battery voltage of the device in milivolts.
  • internalBatteryLevel: Internal Battery voltage of the device in milivolts
  • satellites: Number of satellites in view0
  • canOdometer: CAN odometer value sent by the device
  • gpsOdometer: Gps odometer value sent by the device
  • canTimestamp: Epoch timestamp sent by the device
  • errorCodes: Only for IDEA Sim, error codes like out of coverage, phone switched off etc.
  • atapahMeterData:
  • atapahUIEvent:
  • deviceId: MapmyIndia Intouch device ID
  • timestamp: Epoch timestamp
  • speedkph: Speed from the device in km/h
  • engineStatus: Ignition Status reported by device 1 – Engine ON ; 0 – Engine OFF
  • panic: Status of Panic button 1 – Panic Pressed
  • digitalInput3: Value of digital Input 3
  • digitalOutput1: Value of digital Output 1
  • digitalOutput2: Value of digital Output 2

Example URL Response:<licence_key>/getLiveData

{  "devices": [  {  "deviceId": 281,  "latitude": 28.6863,  "longitude": 77.2039,  "timestamp": 1478085860,  "speedkph": 5,  "gprsTime": 1478085882,  "heading": 23,  "gpsSignal": 15,  "mainPower": 14187,  "internalBatteryVolt": 7912,  "engineStatus": 1,  "panic": 0,  "address": "7, Block D, Maurice Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi. 99 m from Dr JL Jain pin-110007",  "dtcCount": null,  "dtcDistance": null,  "greenDriveType": null,  "greenDriveValue": null,  "altitude": 204,  "coolantTemp": null,  "engineRPM": null,  "digitalInput3": 0,  "digitalOutput1": null,  "digitalOutput2": null,  "satellites": 15  }  ],  "message": "success",  "status": 200  }